• Name: Thor Odinson; (Human Alter-Ego) Jake Olson
  • Height: 6'6" Weight: 640 lbs.
  • Former Aliases: Donald Blake, Sigurd Jarlson, Eric Masterson, Siegmund, Siegfried
  • Group Affiliation (Present): Avengers
  • Group Affiliation (Past): Thor Corps, Asgardian Royalty
  • Born eons ago to Odin, King of the Norse gods, and Gaea, the Elder goddess of the Earth, Thor has grown to become the mightiest and most formidable member of his pantheon. Over the centuries, he has honed his skill in battle against trolls, giants, serpents, and most notably his half-brother Loki, God of Mischief and Evil.
  • Eventually, Thor's adventures took him to Earth, where he was soon worshipped by the Vikings. For a time, Thor was content with this, but when he finally saw the atrocities that his followers were committing in his name, Thor renounced the Vikings and departed Earth. His absence was to be permanent, or so he thought.
  • Eventually, as Thor's fighting prowess grew even more, and as his reknown grew accordingly, Thor became more and more headstrong. Odin, seeking to teach his son a lesson in humility, stripped Thor of his godly identity and sent him to Earth in the form of the lame Dr. Donald Blake. For many years, Thor lived out his life as the good-natured doctor, opening a successful practice and building a reputation for himself as a skilled surgeon.
  • The time came, however, for Odin to return his son's identity to him and for Thor to reclaim his place among the gods. Seeking to expose his son to the truth slowly, Odin compelled Dr. Blake to vacation in Norway, where his wandering took him near the very cave where he was born eons earlier. Stumbling into the cave, Dr. Blake discovered a gnarled walking stick, which when struck on the ground, bathed him in a bright light which transformed him into his true form, and transformed itself into his hammer, Mjolnir. At last, the God of Thunder had returned.
  • Still lacking his true memories, Thor set out on a career as a super-powered hero and protector of Earth. At length, Odin returned his memories to him and bade him to return to Asgard. Thor, however, had other plans. He had grown fond of the humans on Earth and, spurning his father, vowed to serve as Earth's protector for as long as he lived.
  • Most recently, Thor was one of the heroes to disappear in the Onslaught tragedy. In truth, he was shunted over to another dimension, where he and his fellow heroes lived out their lives a second time, saving that Earth and eventually returning. Upon his return, Thor was again slain in a battle with the powerful Destroyer, but was reprieved from death by the mysterious Malkoth. Given a new dual identity, similar to his later days as Don Blake, Thor splits his time between his adventures, both solo and alongside the mighty Avengers, and his new life as paramedic Jake Olson.




  • In Norse mythology, Thor was the god of war, thunder and strength, and son of Odin. Thor destroyed the enemies of the gods with his magic hammer. It was he who chased away the frosts and called gentle winds and warm spring rains to release the earth from its bondage of ice and snow. He was also the god of the household and of the common people. He even married Sif a pesant woman. The lightning's flash was his mighty hammer, Mjolnir, hurled in battle with the frost giants, and the rolling thunder was the rumble of his fiery chariot.
  • Thor was a good-natured, careless god, always ready for adventure, and never tired of trying his great strength. He could shoulder giant tasks with the greatest ease and slay bulls with his bare hands. For sport he sometimes rode among the cloud-veiled mountains, hurling his hammer at their peaks and cleaving them in twain.
  • This adventurous god once visited Joturheim, the land of the giants. The king of the giants looked at him scornfully and said, "Is this stripling the mighty god, Thor? Perhaps you are mightier than you appear. What feats do you deem yourself skilled in?"."I will test my prowess in a drinking bout with anyone," smiled Thor.The king thereupon bade the cupbearer bring a drinking horn, and said, "Whosoever is a good drinker is able to drain this horn at a single draught." Thor placed the horn to his lips and drank long and deep, but when he removed it the liquid had scarcely diminished. Three times he tried to empty the horn and failed, and at last he threw it down in disgust.Next he was challenged to lift the king's cat from the ground. After a great effort he only managed to raise one of its paws. "Is this the mighty god we have been taught to fear?" scoffed the king.Thor held his temper and offered to wrestle with anyone who would stand against him, and a toothless old crone accepted the challenge. Thor placed his arms about the woman and tried to pull her towards him but she refused to budge. Thor scratched his head and tried again. Still he could not move her. Next he pushed her hard then shouldered her, still she stood like a rock. Then with mad rushes Thor attempted to throw the frail woman to the floor, but in spite of his best efforts he could not succeed and was in turn lucky to stay upright himself when she wrestled with him.In great shame he departed the palace.Outside the gates he was surprised to see the king ride up to him. "Mighty Thor," said the king taking him by the shoulder, "when you attempted to empty the drinking horn you preformed a feat so marvellous, that had I not seen it myself, I should never have believed it. At the end of the horn lay the sea itself, and when you come to the shore you will see how much the waters have fallen away. Then terror overcame everyone when you lifted the cat's paw from the ground, for that cat is the serpent that encircles the earth, and the whole world shuddered when its hold was loosened. To stand against the old crone for so long was marvellous, for it was indeed old age with whom you wrestled, and no man may conquer her. It was not the prowess of the frost giants that overcame you Thor, it was their magic."Thor, in wrath at being so tricked, reached for his hammer, but when he would have thrown it, the king of the giants had disappeared. Thor returned to his mountain peak and continued to beat his hammer for the world but with ever-increasing sadness. The fifth day of the week is still called 'Thor's day' after this strong god.



  • Since Thor's beginnings his known powers have been dubious at times. As any character, Thor's powers were subject to the writer's interpretation and basic knowledge of continuity. In "Journey into Mystery" #83, Thor's first appearance, Stan Lee simply defined Thor as superhuman with a powerful weapon (MJOLNIR). What follows will be a collective analysis of the Power of Thor. It will represent many sources such as collector cards, Marvel Universe Handbooks, role playing games, fanzine articles, and the comic book itself.
  •  INVULNERABILITY: Thor has superior resistance to physical attacks, heat, cold, radiation, toxins, aging, disease, and energy attacks.
  • INTELLIGENCE: Above normal. This may be questionable at times. Over the long tenure of Thor's life he seems to get in the same predicaments with his father Odin.
  • STRENGTH: Superhuman Class 100. The is a product of Asgard and Migard (Earth). The union of Odin (lord of Asgard) and Gaea (mother earth) gives him the power of both worlds. Odin has removed Thor's Asgardian power many times but has no control over Thor's earthly powers. It has been seen many times that Thor can survive outer space for lengths of time.
  • SPEED: Superhuman.
  • FLIGHT: With the use of Mjolnir, Thor has the capacity of flight. Thor whirls Mjolnir at a desired speed and releases it, in the direction he wishes to go, for an instance and then latches on to it again by the unbreakable thong. Then Mjolnir drags him through the sky. Flight speed is unknown but it is clear he can escape the gravitional pull of all the planets he has been on. Thor has on occasions used his mythological chariot pulled by two enchanted goats, Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder.
  • STAMINA: Godlike
  • DURABILITY: Metahuman.
  • AGILITY: Superhuman.
  • REFLEXES: Superhuman.
  • FIGHTING SKILLS: Thor is trained in Asgardian arts of war and as an Avenger. Being around Captain America has had to have some influence. Thor is highly skilled in hand to hand, proficient with most Asgardian weaponry, high skilled in the use of Mjolnir.
  • SPECIAL SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Due to his life as Don Blake, Thor possesses considerable knowledge and skills in medicine. Also because of his merging with Eric Masterson, Thor has knowledge in architecture. Thor was also once a frog. It is not clear what skills or abilities he gained from this experience.
  • SUPERHUMAN PHYSICAL POWERS: Aside from the listed attributes, Thor has an extremely long life span and immunity to all earthly diseases.
  • SUPERHUMAN MENTAL POWERS: Because Thor was once Siegfried and a frog, he may have some degree of telepathy/animal communicative powers. Siegfried was granted the power to read minds, understand, and speak with normal animals. This has not been manifested much.
  • WEAPONS: Mjolnir is a mystic hammer, which is nearly indestructible, that gives Thor a vast amount of additional power. Thor also possesses an enchanted belt of strength which doubles his physical strength but physically drains him after wearing it. In recent history Thor constructed a suit of Asgardian battle armor.




  • The fourth enchantment enables the hammer to open interdimensional portals, allowing its wielder to travel to other dimensions, such as Earth to Asgard. (It is not known how Thor locates the dimension to which he wishes to travel.)
  • The fifth enchantment, bestowed on the hammer by Odin in recent times, enabled Thor to transform into the mortal Don Blake, by stamping the hammer once upon the ground and willing the change to occur. When Thor became Blake, Mjolnir became a gnarled wooden cane. By stamping the cane upon the ground and willing the change to occur, Blake could turn himself back to his godly form of Thor, and the cane would again become the hammer. When the hammer was in the form of a cane, anyone could lift it. A provision of the enchantment required that the hammer could not be out of Thor's hand for over 60 seconds while he was on Earth without his spontaneous reversion to his mortal self.
  • Most of the fifth enchantment has been transferred to the hammer of Beta Ray Bill. However, enough of the fifth enchantment remains in Thor's hammer so that by stamping his hammer, he can instantaneously transform his Thor costume into Sigurd Jarlson's clothing, or vice versa. The hammer itself does not change form.
  • The Marvel Handbook (1986) says:
  • Thor's principal weapon is the enchanted hammer named Mjolnir, one of the most formidable weapons known to man or god. Forged out of the mystical metal uru, whose chief properties are durability and ability to maintain enchantment, the hammer is two feet long and its handle is wrapped in leather which terminates in a thong. Besides being a nearly indestructible throwing weapon, the hammer has been given six enchantments by Odin to augment its physical qualities.
  • The first enchantment is that no living being can lift the hammer from the ground unless he or she is worthy. Hence, so far as is known, only Odin, Thor, and Beta Ray Bill are able to lift Mjolnir. Apparently no one without superhuman strength can lift the hammer, whether he or she is worthy or not.
  • The second enchantment causes the hammer to return to the exact spot from which it is thrown after striking its target.
  • The third enchantment enables the hammer's wielder to summon the elements of storm (wind, rain, thunder, lightning, and so forth) by stamping its handle twice upon the ground and willing it to do so. Thor can also project various forms of mystical energy from the hammer without striking it on the ground.
  • The hammer has had one enchantment that has been rescinded. Formerly the hammer could be swung in such a way as to generate chronal displacement inertia, enabling its wielder to travel through time. Most of this property, which is separate from the hammer's power to traverse dimensions, was removed by Immortus, and Thor himself recently apparently exhausted whatever time-traveling power Mjolnir had remaining.
  • By throwing the hammer and grasping its leather thong, Thor can magically propel himself through the air in the semblance of flight. Just as the hammer can magically change its course in order to return to his hand when he throws it, so can it be influenced by its wielder to change its course while it is in his grasp in flight. The precise manner in which Thor "steers" his hammer while in flight is not known, nor is the precise speed and distance Thor can attain with a single throw. Thor has been observed to be able to attain escape velocity from Earth's gravity with a single throw and to overtake space vessels.





  • Asgard is honeycombed with nexus-portals to the variuos extradimensional realms of the Nine Worlds, making the worlds (with the exception of Earth) sometimes seems like they are on a contiguous plain. (Indeed, early cartographers of Asgard mapped it this way). The only permanent portal to Earth is Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge. There is a special passageway from Asgard to the extra-dimensional realm of Olympus, home of the Greek gods. Since Olympus is not a part of the Asgardian cosmology, this nexus-portal is believed to be an artificial rather than natural phenomenon. Another unique feature of Asgard is the Cave of Time, an apparently natural phenomenon through which passage to other time eras is possible.
  • It is probable that somewhere in Asgard's outlying Sea of Space there are floating nexus-portals to Earth's space. Beings of the Earthly dimension have in certain instances been able to travel from Earthly to Asgardian space. There may indeed be an edge to Asgard's Sea of Space, perhaps at the perimeter of the "Dome of the Sky" extending from the outer edge of ringed Jotunheim. At the edge of the Sea there would exist "dimensional borderlands" which serve as transitional areas between discrete dimensions.
  • Asgard and its sister realms aer populated by six distinct humanoid races. Besides these, there are several singular creatures who exists upon various of the Nine Worlds. The first is the Midgard Serpent Jormungand, an immense snake-like dragon whose body encircles the inner edge of the mountains of Jotunheim closest to Midgard.

The Nine Worlds of Asgard

  •  The Marvel Handbook (1986) says:
  • The Asgardians refer to all of the major known inhabited realms of their cosmology as the "Nine Worlds". Only four of the Nine Worlds are located on the main Asgardian landmass: Asgard, home of the Gods, Vanaheim, home of the Asgardian's sister race, the Vanir, Nidavellir, home of the Dwarves, and Alfheim, home of the Light Elves.
  • The remainder of the Nine Worlds are on separate landmasses isolated from one another by interdimensional space. (For the sake of creating a comprehensible diagram, the Nine Worlds of Asgard are placed in a multi-leveled configuration. These levels do not represent any real physical distances or relationships between the realms.). Midgard, our Earth, does not appear to be physically affected by the motions of any of the other physical bodies in the Asgardian cosmology, although Earth's axis (the imaginary pole around which it rotates) is in alignment with one of the roots of Yggdrasil, the comsic ash tree that stands in Asgard. Jotunheim, the world of the giants, is a flat ring-shaped realm with high mountains along its inner edge. It is apparently on its own separate dimension plane, discrete from Asgard's and Earth's. Svartalfheim, home of the Dark Elves, is another asteroid-like landmass, small than Asgard. There are numerous nexus-portals between the mountains of Asgard permitting easy passage by denizens of each realm. These passageways make Jotunheim and Svartalfheim seem like "underworlds" of the Asgardian continent itself.
  • The eighth of the Nine Worlds is Hel, realm of the dead, and its sister realm, Niffleheim. In the Asgardian scheme of afterlife, the heroes and honored dead go to Valhalla, a special region of Asgard, the common dead go to Hel, and the dishonored dead (murderers and other evil-doers) go to Niffleheim. Hel, Niffleheim, and Valhalla possess the necessary conditions to permit the astral forms of the deceased to exists there for indefinite periods of time. At one time, Hela, goddess of the dead, usurped the rule of Valhalla, despite the fact it was on a different dimension plane than Hel. Odin has since reclaimed the land. The ninth of the Nine Worlds is Muspelheim, land of the fiery demons. Until his recent disappearance, the primordial demon Surtur ruled Muspelheim. Muspelheim is on its won dimensional plane, separate from all the other Nine Worlds. In the Asgardians' account of the origin of their cosmology, Muspelheim, the land of fire, and Niffleheim, the land of ice, were said to predate recorded time, separated from one another by Ginnungagap, the Yawning Void.


  • The Midgard Serpent lies at the very edge of the dimensional boundary between Jotunheim and Midgard, and prevents passage between dimensions. The second is the winged creature Nidhogg, who lives in Niffleheim and gnaws at one of the roots of Yggdrasil. The third is the giant wolf-god Fenris, who is responsible for the war-god Tyr's loss of a hand. Fenris is imprisoned in the distant land of Varinheim. The fourth creature is the primordial ice giant Ymir.

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